Granny Flat NSW

Granny Flats NSW and Residential Cabins

If you are looking for a hassle-free retirement solution we have it right here. Our range of cabins and granny flats NSW is a great answer to your needs for a smaller home.

Installed in a location of your choice - in town, out of town or at a park or village - our cabins ensure you that you get just want you need, built to your specifications.

Browse through our range of plans for residential cabins and granny flats NSW, or discuss you requirements with one of our helpful Design Consultants and let them custom design your floor plan.

Our factory-built cabins get delivered to your site totally complete and ready to move in.

Simple, hassle-free and cost-effective.


Granny Flats NSW

For those in NSW, Australia don't forget about the recent Granny Flat NSW regulations. Ask one of our designers about the simplified council approval process when meeting certain conditions. These Granny Flat NSW regulations remove the normal requirements and restrictions associated with Dual Occupancy and greatly simplify the process when installing a secondary dwelling on residential land.


You can't buy experience...

But that's just what we've got. Having now been in the business of building relocatable cabins and granny flats NSW for over 12 years this is a tremendous benefit to your next purchase of cabins. While you can't buy it - it is that experience that you are getting - and it brings your granny flat NSW the innovations from an industry that is constantly evolving.


The Uniplan Way

We call it the "Uniplan Way". This is our seven step approach to the success of the installation of your new cabin or granny flat NSW and ensures that your next project is a positive experience with a positive outcome.

1. Analysis

We love getting to know you and your vision. This lets us offer advice that we know is what you need not just the cabin we 'might want to sell.'

2. Initial Design + Specification

Once we understand your needs we can then draw on the expertise of our whole design team to get an initial design concept framed up for your cabin or granny flat NSW. This might be in the form of sketches, cabin floor plans or site layouts and include an initial specification.

3. Final Design + Proposal

After working together to achieve a design and inclusion list that fulfills the vision you have for your new granny flat NSW, we can then finalise a detailed proposal to allow you to move ahead with confidence.

4. Colour Choices

You then get to the exciting stage of choosing colours and finishes for your project. Our experienced team will guide and advise you while catering to your specific tastes.

5. Construction

Once all your choices have been finalised and documented we are then ready to place your project into our streamlined construction system. During construction we keep you informed of progress and welcome you to inspect the progress of your cabin or granny flat NSW at any time.

6. Delivery and Installation

On completion of construction our dedicated delivery team will bring your new cabin or granny flat NSW to the site and complete all installation works.

7. Final Detail and Completion

Once your new cabin or granny flat NSW is installed our team members come to the site to ensure completion of every detail to your satisfaction.



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Real Testimonials

Testimonials   View All

"Dealing with you has made it a lot better because the whole process is a lot easier, we can to and fro a few designs and end up with a great design. That was the most important thing from my point of view.

I mean, it’s not necessarily price, I mean, in actual fact you’re not necessarily cheaper - it’s not price, it comes down to design."

Gerald Searle – Ballina Lakeside
Holiday Park

"Not only do you listen to me but you expand on the idea and give me a couple of options. The most important thing is the quickness in response that you’ve always provided and the professional documentation that you provide which gives one the confidence to continually move forward.

The quality of the information and the specifications you provide and you are always in a position to listen, you know, you don’t drive the project as if ‘oh well that’s a stock standard cabin and sorry that’s just it’"

Robert Robertson – Halifax Holiday Park

"What is so important as we’ve found out is your reliability and your understanding of modern changes and trends in the market – you’re not wallowing behind! What I’ve seen with your designs is you are out there to be at the top of the market in design and quality.

When we actually visited your place it was outstanding – your production and proficiency.”

Richard O’Neill – Solitary Island Resort

“What we think is amazing with UniPlan Group, they are incredibly easy to work with, they take care of every detail and the after sales service is second to none.

You guys listen to us in what we want in a cabin and you produce it - without doubt, taking all the hassle out”

Kris Fowler – Emerald Beach Holiday Park

"We would recommend you to other Holiday Parks, because it was a good experience. We found you really professional, efficient, you've kept us totally informed, and it's been quite honestly, the best building experience we have had. It's a lot better experience than having builders on site, and having to keep an eye on everything all the time."

Dave + Carol Adams – Rotorua Top 10