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Park Analysis

The first step to our creativity is to understand your needs. Every park and client is different and to enable us to channel our ideas in the right direction we need to get a thorough understanding of what makes you successful.

Our Design Consultants have a structured process in analyzing your requirements through a simple range of questions in our Park Analysis tool. The analysis brings up subjects such as you occupancy rates, what accommodation you currently offer and your target market. This understanding normally highlights areas of possible growth for your park and gives our team the knowledge it needs to move forward with you I confidence.

Functional Site Concepts

We like to grow our recommendations from the ground up rather than trying to pick a standard plan and make it fit onto your site. Once we have an understanding of your need we then move on to the proposed site and how best to utilize it. By taking a complete stock of the specifics of your site we can ensure we take into account considerations such as: access, solar orientation, parking space, adjacent buildings.

By getting involved in a Functional Site Concept for your development we are better able to advise and ensure that your next development is going to be functional while blending both with your existing buildings and you plan for future growth.

Practical Footprint Design

Once we have an understanding of your site we can then integrate the knowledge we have gained of your park into a floor plan design that is going to work for you. Our many years’ experience in the tourism industry really lets us shine. We have an extensive collection of plans to choose from but more often our Design Consultants work along with you to find a design that is perfectly suited.

From basic overnight cabins right through to resort accommodation our skills cover it all.

Architectural Flair

Our gallery of photos should say enough about our expertise in this regard. We take great pleasure in creating the ‘right look and feel’ for your park. This might involve matching existing architecture or creating an entirely new and striking exterior design. Our qualified team take special pleasure in creating an exterior architectural appearance that is going to enhance your park and set it apart from the crowd.

Our high power CAD design software allows us to creating artist impressions so that you can appreciate what you cabins are going to look like including colour renderings and multiple 3D views.

Interior Design

Let our qualified interior design team create just the right ambience for your cabins. Skillful colour schemes and finishes let you evoke the swish of the ocean or the serenity of the forest. We have a stunning collection of schemes and finishes for you to choose from. All our products have been carefully chosen for their low maintenance and durability.

Creative Design

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  • Basic Cabins
  • Amenities and Ablutions
  • Granny Flats
  • Permanent Residents
  • Weekenders
  • Site Design
  • Custom Plan Creation
  • Interior Design
  • Staff Accommodation
  • Rural Homes
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Real Testimonials

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"Dealing with you has made it a lot better because the whole process is a lot easier, we can to and fro a few designs and end up with a great design. That was the most important thing from my point of view.

I mean, it’s not necessarily price, I mean, in actual fact you’re not necessarily cheaper - it’s not price, it comes down to design."

Gerald Searle – Ballina Lakeside
Holiday Park

"Not only do you listen to me but you expand on the idea and give me a couple of options. The most important thing is the quickness in response that you’ve always provided and the professional documentation that you provide which gives one the confidence to continually move forward.

The quality of the information and the specifications you provide and you are always in a position to listen, you know, you don’t drive the project as if ‘oh well that’s a stock standard cabin and sorry that’s just it’"

Robert Robertson – Halifax Holiday Park

"What is so important as we’ve found out is your reliability and your understanding of modern changes and trends in the market – you’re not wallowing behind! What I’ve seen with your designs is you are out there to be at the top of the market in design and quality.

When we actually visited your place it was outstanding – your production and proficiency.”

Richard O’Neill – Solitary Island Resort

“What we think is amazing with UniPlan Group, they are incredibly easy to work with, they take care of every detail and the after sales service is second to none.

You guys listen to us in what we want in a cabin and you produce it - without doubt, taking all the hassle out”

Kris Fowler – Emerald Beach Holiday Park

"We would recommend you to other Holiday Parks, because it was a good experience. We found you really professional, efficient, you've kept us totally informed, and it's been quite honestly, the best building experience we have had. It's a lot better experience than having builders on site, and having to keep an eye on everything all the time."

Dave + Carol Adams – Rotorua Top 10